Acuity Medical has developed a Partner Focus Program (PFP) that is a custom business plan for each sales partner. It is developed by Acuity once a contract is ratified, and the PFP clearly establishes the business development strategies, benchmarks, milestones, and expectations of the Acuity Medical sales team and partnership. It is reviewed with the award winning Acuity Medical sales team, and insures “buy-in” from all parties regarding the relationship and performance parameters within each rep territory.


The PFP Program includes:


  •  Training Schedule, both initial and ongoing
  •  Mandatory Co-travel Dates
  •  Sales Call Frequency
  •  Acuity Marketing Programs and Support
  •  SWOT Analysis
  •  Relevant Local / Regional Trade Shows and Associations
  •  Competitive matrix



Since 2003 Acuity Medical, Inc has demonstrated consistent sales results for their valued manufacturer partners. Our documented results for start-up and mature product lines have occurred throughout the healthcare continuum.


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